• 06/2016
    After practical and written examination in Pepper's application development, Woodpecker Co., Ltd. was evaluated as satisfying certain knowledge and technical standards from Softbank Robotics Corporation's "Pepper partner program", and was certified as a Robo Application Partner (Basic).

    Certified ID:PPP201606024

    What is the "Pepper Partner Program"?

    RoboAppli is a registered trademark of SoftBank Robotics Corp.
  • 01/2013
    Headquarters relocated to Kawasaki.
  • 11/2012
    We are now hiring propesctive spring 2013 graduates.
  • 10/2012
    We celebrate the 15th anniversary of Woodpecker's foundation.
  • 12/2009
    Homepage updated.
  • 11/2009
    Registered as a Practical Training Partner in Ecole IT Kanagawa, Ecole IT Yokohama.